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A couple a weeks ago during my trip to Disney Studios, I was treated to a special advance screening of the new Dreamworks movie “The Help.”  I’ll have more in future posts, but for now let me just say, “The Help” is amazing.   It’s not very often that a movie evokes so many emotions from me at once.   There is one specific scene where I went from laughing out loud to complete silence and sadness in seconds!  The help spoke to me as a mother, as a friend, and as a woman.  Get ready to go to the movies, take your sisters, your friends, your mother, hey, take your husband as well!   I will give you more details later, but for now, I have some interesting information, ready?

The release date has been moved up, now it is Wednesday, August 10th.

And if you live in one of these 10 lucky cities (Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Baltimore, Houston or Dallas-Ft. Worth), grab your girlfriends, mothers, and sisters.  Groups of 5 or more can purchase tickets to a special Tuesday night, August 9th, 7:00pm showing of THE HELP so you can see it first! Call 1-800-347-6396 for more information.

Dreamworks has created a social video player where you can add your comments and start a dialogue directly in the video.  Just click on the + sign or roll over the video timeline to add your comments!


The Help also has a facebook page, and if you want to follow the activity on twitter look for and use this hashtag:  #TheHelpMovie.

Have fun!

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