Diapers Diaries: Farewell, Until We Meet Again

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Potty Training
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How do you know if your little one is ready to say goodbye to diapers?  With my first boy, I read a lot of books about potty training, I talked to the doctor, and finally I realized no book or doctor could say for sure when he was ready, only my son could!

I was ready before he was and that made the process frustrating for both of us.  I was ready… I was… I got the pull ups, the potty, the stickers, the mattress protector… my son just looked at me, smiled, and ran away as fast as he could.  I tried a potty party.  Have you heard of these?  You invite a group of potty trained toddlers to your house, place the potties out on the patio and let them play, have drinks and snacks, then when one of them needs to pee, they all follow… well… except for my kid.

I had a chart with stickers and prizes, he did it for one week, after that he decided he didn’t need a new toy after all.  He wasn’t ready.  So I waited, and waited, and waited for a few weeks, and then I started again and he did it!  With patience and some M&M’s, the potty training process succeeded.  It was difficult for me, I’ll be honest, but in the end I could see in my son’s face the sense of accomplishment he felt and I felt proud, too.

My second child was ready before I was, go figure!  He was ready to start preschool and we had just one month to get ready… well, he did it in a couple of weeks and never looked back.  He still uses his pull ups at night, but it is just a matter of time before he says thank you and goodbye to diapers.

I think it will be a little sad the day we use our last diaper, I will be saying goodbye to the baby stage I love so much.  I don’t want to let go of that beautiful time… but don’t get me wrong, I do want to see my kids growing, thriving, and becoming good men.  So I will be happy.  I will be grateful to the diapers for making my mom life easier, I will say farewell diaper phase, till we meet again when my grandchildren are born.

How about you? Are you in the potty training process? How is it going? Will you be happy or sad to say bye to diapers?

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