Diaper Diaries: Sleeping All Night Long

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Baby sleep
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Please raise your hand if your kids sleep all night long.  In my case, I would raise one hand for one kid and leave the other down for the other.

How can brothers be so different one from the other?  We all know the first three months nobody sleeps, neither mom, nor dad, nor the baby… wait… let me go back, the baby sleeps, but on his own terms.  Babies don’t care about night and day, their only concerns are being held, eating, peeing, pooping and sleeping when they want.

I consider myself lucky because my first baby started sleeping for longer periods at around 4 months.  He went from 4 hours, to 6, to 8, to finally 12 to 13 hours, bliss!  The only challenge for me was finding him wet 3 or 4 times a week and needing to change his pajamas, sheets and blankets.  But I soon discovered night time diapers and life was happy again.

Almost 4 years later my second son was born and life as we knew it was over.   He still (he is three and a half) wakes up 3 to 4 four times a week and calls for my help in the middle of the night (maybe that’s why he wakes up, mama is always there!).  I wonder if he will sleep through the night 7 days a week someday?  One good thing about his light sleeping is he tells me when he needs to go to the bathroom.  No overnight diapers for him, wooo hooo, just pull ups and he is ready for bed.

A dry night is a happy day for mom.

How about you? Do your kids sleep all night long? Do you use overnight diapers? Do your kids get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom? Share your comments and tips.


Disclaimer: As one of the Mamas Que Saben bloggers, my participation is compensated. My opinions, anecdotes, and wet sheets are solely my own.


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