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Changing Time
Pic by Joe Shlabotnik

If you have a baby, you will need diapers. A LOT of diapers.   Some moms prefer to use cloth (my mom did with her first two kids, then she switched to disposable), some moms prefer disposable, some moms use a combination of the two.  In fact, when I was pregnant I thought about using cloth diapers, but when my baby was born I was so overwhelmed with all you have to do as a new mom, I happily decided to stick with disposable.  I’ve never imagined, though, I would be using so many! I’ve yet to sit down to add up how much we have spent.

But I am always looking for ways to save money, either with coupons, or discounts, or special programs or even by buying cheaper diapers.  Every mom has a different story, but, in my case, every time I bought cheaper diapers I ended up spending more…in laundry detergent, water, time, and energy.  What looked like a great deal ended up not being such a great deal when the cheap diapers leaked and I had to wash sheets, pajamas, etc.

Fortunately the latest generation of diapers are more absorbent, which allows me to change less often and save money in the long run.  I also look for places where I can get good quality diapers for less.  If I’m in a hurry I will run to Walmart or look for discounts in Rite Aid and Walgreens, but mainly I do my diaper shopping at Amazon using the Mom Program, which not only gives me a great price but has free shipping, too! Do you know what that means?  Fewer trips to the store which saves me gas.  I also use the subscription program, which allows me to set how often I need a box to be shipped to my house, so I don’t even have to worry when I’m running out, because I know a box is coming to my door. Isn’t that great?

How about you?  Where do you buy your diapers?

I want to remind you about the amazing Huggies® sweepstakes going on right now:  The prize is a baby room makeover with Disney Baby® merchandise.  To participate for your chance to win is easy, just share a diapering experience in any of the following ways:

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There are 8 prizes total, one each week.  For official rules and more details please click here. (in Spanish)

Good luck!

Disclaimer:  As one of the Mamas Que Saben bloggers, my participation is compensated.  My opinions, anecdotes, and poopy diapers are solely my own.


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I’m pregnant and considering using cloth diapers. I used disposables with my son but that was years ago. The quality of the cloth diapers look so much better.

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