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Eatng Habits Adjustment Required
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Our family goal this year is to eat healthier by making small changes like monitoring meal portion sizes.  One first shock when I moved here from Mexico was the epic size of the portions and they seem to have only gotten larger since.  I gained 6 pounds in the first three months after moving here 10 years ago now and I’m still trying to get in shape!

At I just read that portions sizes have almost tripled in the US over the last 20 years.  Check out the short video showing the differences in sizes and calories.   I suspected this, but a picture always makes a powerful impression when seeing the portions side by side.  If you want to watch the video just click in the Good for You menu at, and click again on “Take Control of Portion Sizes.”  At the end of the video there is a printable page called “helping hands” which is a chart to help visualize approximate portion sizes for meals by using your hands.  I know this will come in “handy” while we monitor our portion sizes this year.

And when you are there don’t forget to check the article, “Top 4 Tips for Lean Summer Cookouts,” just in time for the “grilling season.”  Oh, and get the list of Healthier Substitutions.

Every little step counts.  We can be healthier and live better!

Disclosure:  I have received remuneration for participating in the ReadySetEat project.  A girl’s got to eat!!  The opinions expressed in this post and in my recipe reviews are solely my own.

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