Diaper Diaries: The Straight Poop

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Mother’s Day in the USA is Sunday, what a special day!  Being a mom has changed my life forever.  I’ve experienced amazing things, good things, not so good things, and, on a very few occasions, I have asked myself, “so why did I want to have kids?”  Being a mom is a daily lesson, what works for one kid may not work for another, one kid may eat all his vegetables while the other wants to live on pasta.  It is a lot of fun, isn’t it?  I wouldn’t change my life, though, I absolutely adore these two little guys, they keep my life exciting, fun, and challenging.

I remember my very first days as a mom, I didn’t even know which size diaper to use, I think I had a few diaper samples at home in different sizes which made my life easier that first week.  Do you remember the first week with your first born? Sometimes it seems like a blur, sometimes I remember every detail.  But what I remember clearly was how important the pipi and popo were to me at the beginning.  You know, making sure the baby was doing everything right!  And what can I say about the colors?  I know I’m getting personal, but you understand what I’m talking about, right?   I used to worry about the smallest change in color: Is yellow better than green? Is peanut butter consistency better than runny?  And I know I’m not the only crazy one, because one of my friends makes me laugh every time she shares her story (she let me share it with you) about how she was worried about her newborn and his poops, so she didn’t just sit there wondering about it, she took the soiled diaper to show the pediatrician!  We still laugh when she tells how her pediatrician said she was the first mom to do that!

How about you? Were you worried about your baby’s poops like I was? Do you have a funny anecdote to share with us? Come on, don’t be shy, we’re all mom’s here, tell us!

And while you’re thinking about it, let me share with you about an amazing sweepstakes Huggies® has launched this week:  The prize is a baby room makeover with Disney Baby® merchandise.  To participate for your opportunity to win is easy, just share a diapering experience in any of the following three ways:

1.  By calling toll free (888) 333-6414 and leaving your contact info and your experience either in Spanish or English
2.  By visiting www.mamasquesaben.com and completing the online form along with your contact information and your experiences in either Spanish or English.
3.  By participating in any of the store events (you can find stores and dates at www.mamasquesaben.com) and filling out the official form on site.

There will be 8 prizes total, one each week.  For official rules and more details please click here. (in Spanish)

Good luck!


Disclaimer:  As one of the Mamas Que Saben bloggers, my participation is compensated.  My opinions, anecdotes, and poopy diapers are solely my own.

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