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Tú bien sabes como nos gusta PEEP, mis hijos son fans! ya te he contado sobre esta linda caricatura, y hoy quiero decirte que la nueva temporada de PEEP empieza hoy!  25 capítulos nuevecitos, nunca antes vistos en televisión!

En el estreno de la temporada verás a un nuevo personaje, en “Quack Quack” y “One Duck too Many,” Megan Mullally, mejor conocida por su trabajo en la serie de NBC Will and Grace, le presta su voz (en la caricatura en inglés) a una muy presumida y arrogante pata que viene a hacerle la vida de cuadritos a nuestro adorado Quack.

Tu puedes ver a PEEP en español en V-me, para saber canales y horarios y mayores detalles, checa la página de PEEP aquí.


You know this family is a big fan of PEEP, I’ve written about the cartoon before.  So I’m very happy to share with you that a new season of PEEP will be starting Today!  25 new episodes never before seen on public television!!!!

In the season premiere, “Quack Quack” and “One Duck Too Many,” Megan Mullally, best known for her work on the NBC hit series Will and Grace, lends her voice as an obnoxious duck who takes all she can from Quack, including his lunch, his pond, and even his name!  Exiled from his home and forced to crash with Beaver Boy, Quack enlists the help of Peep and Chirp in a quest to get his life back.  Also this season, Oscar winner Holly Hunter guest stars as a real, live, capital “R” Robin.  She can sing, build nests, take baths, and even fly!  Should Chirp go south with Robin, or stay and face another dreary winter?


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