Today’s children

This morning my 16 month old awakened, I brought him to our bed and gave him his milk. When he finished, he crawled down off the bed, walked toward the remote control, and turned the TV on!  Around 10:30 my older son was watching one of his favorite cartoons, of course the baby wanted to play with him, so with the brightest smile on his face he went straight to the TV and with his perfect little finger he turned it off!  But that’s not all, around 3:00 pm I was checking my emails when he came to me with his arms wide open, so I picked him up and he went right after the mouse and started clicking away.  Before his bed time he came to me again when he saw me getting ready with his bottle.  I picked him up and he pointed to the microwave, I walked towards it and he opened the door, after I put the milk in, he closed it, then he pushed the start button!!!  He is just 16 months old for crying out loud!  What’s with this new generation? I still struggle to record a video and my sons seem to be born with special chips in their brains to tell them what to do. Should I feel worried or relieved that they embrace modern life with such ease?

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